Getting your bank account in shape

Getting your bank account in shape is really tough at times. If your your like me when you look at your bank account it kinda looks like Christmas; but with nothing to cheer about. Then it’s time to get that fat Santa in shape. What can I do to get my bank account in shape? Well, for starters your bank account can expose a few habits. Like eating out, shopping, and memberships subscriptions to your favorite business. Not to mention the essentials bank loans, car loans, gas, water, trash and sewage and etc.

Dave Ramsey says,”act your wage.” One of my habits is eating out. I found myself spending five hundred dollars on eating out. Crazy I know! I maid a choice to cut back. Pack a lunch for work; eat at home and have snacks in the car. I paid a subscription to play video games. Cut it! It’s not helping me in anyway. It’s costing me money, besides I can go outside and do things that are fun and free. Maybe your not like me but you pay for cigarettes or vape. How much is that costing you? How much of your health are you willing to trade? How much would it cost you in five years? I say if it don’t benefit you in the long run then is it worth buying? Everyone likes a new phone but the price of a new phone is questionable. What’s wrong with your previous gen model? Nothing you say. Then why go out and spend twelve hundred dollars on a new phone? When your old phone works just fine. I still have a iphone 6 model that works great. The goal should be to have a small blue print so you can save as much as you can so you can have options in the future to grow.

Cut back on fast food, learn to cook at home. Limit your tv benign and find other ways to entertain yourself like reading or playing instruments. Put more green back in your account. Control your shopping habits. Make a list of what your gonna buy or only bring cash to the store. I hope these few tips help you get your bank account in shape so that when you look at your bank account their is something to be excited about; like Christmas.

Fret or not?

Should I fret about all the things that I don’t like about my job?

Me at work

I think not! Rather I should fret about all the positive aspects of my place of employment. I’m paid by a flat rate rather by the hour. More cars mean more potential. Also, the faster you are and the more detailed your work is the more you earn. I know now to mount and balance tires, service front and rear brakes an perform transmission flushes. Now what about food? How can you fret when food is provided to you on Saturdays. A free meal? Yes! Nice thing also is are uniforms are maintained an cleaned. We can work on our own cars after hours. There is even a parts runner! When in need of a part the parts runner comes running. We get to work outside, an improve on our farmers tan. The best thing to fret about is spiffs. When your amazing advisor sells a product that a customer needs you get a spiff on that product. Really nice, it’s extra gas money for the daily. Nothing’s better then fretting about the good in your job.


Every Sunday night my youth group congregates together in Christ. I always wonder if they actually get something from the leaders teachings. Haha!!! I do have to say I am blessed by my students they keep me going forward. They show me that I should never give up. Watching them grow up is such a blessing. Because I get to be apart of there lives. With much love, congregate! 😊

Born to fish forced to work.

Born to fish forced to work. It’s the reality of my life. I work to build someone else’s dream and not one of my own. I’d rather be fishing. Kayaking out on the lake in July fishing for large mouth bass and sun fish. And watch out for those snappers they will try to get an easy meal. Yet I have to work four 12.5 hour days and one 9.5 hour day. I do make more than plenty though.

God working the good in bad circumstances.

Well, where do I start? Just recently I was in need of a job so I found work through a friend. He works for a HVAC company not to far away from where I reside. I had plan on just working for the summer and head back to school in the winter, Fall… whatever. Well, I go to sign up for the classes I need and they were all ready full only two days after open enrollment. Sigh… I tell my boss I will have to wait for thee next enrollment period. He sits me down in his office. “I just want to tell you. I really like your attitude and your work ethic. I see you smiling all the time in the hallways when your taking out the trash. What makes you happy?” me, “Ugh, to be honest its the Lord that makes me happy.” Boss, “Great to hear! Well, I know your in school and everything. Do you ever consider becoming an A/c Tech? Me, “I’m not certain, I will say this I enjoy doing whatever the Lord tasks me to do or gives me.” Boss, “To make it fair on you I would like you finish your schooling plus I would like to pay for you to go HVAC school and you come work for me for some time.” Long story short I took him up on his offer. All thanks to the Lord.